Pro 6 Subscription

Take Pro level training  for 6 months andspread the cost on monthly payments. Get started today for £750. 

Benefits of this subscription plan

Elevate your edge

Are you sick of trading and not getting anywhere? You need edge and this is exactly what our training offers. 

Expert instructors

All content is designed and provided by Tim Duggan. Equioties and fuitures trader for 20 years having worked in some of the top trading firms in the world suich as Geneva Trading and SMB capital. 

Get free accessto chat

Included with the pro 6 subscription is access to the pro trader discord chat for 3 months. This is worth £450

Material you'll love

All contennt is delivered via web conferencing and pre recorded sessions. You can break down this material at your own speed then take live one to one sessions with Tim. 

Goals and assignments

There are 2 key assignments in the training that you dont get left behind on the learning material. It is 100% the most important thing that each mentee understands all material and progresses one stage at a time. 

Flexible payment options

With a small payment per month over 6 months, the content is now even more affordable. 

Pro 6 Subscription

The Pro 6 course is designed to deliver all the content of the Pro Trader profgram across 6 months. This allows traders to take more time in the learning process to cover the material and let it bed in. It also allows traders to spread the cost across 6 months rather than 1 lump sum.
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