Alpha Trader

  • Author: Duggan Capital
  • Level: Advanced
  • Study time: 10+ hours
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Course overview
Learn how to trade any financial market with institutional level edge

Core areas of learning and development
  • Frameworks of Risk & Psychology
  • Auction Market Theory, how to use TPOs
  • Tactics- The 4 core
  • VWAP & Advanced VWAP
  • Higher Timeframes- Swing Trading
  • Access to Sierra Charts training videos and templates
  • Video time: 10 hours
  • Exams: 0

What's included?

  • 9 Chapters
  • 1 core excercise
  • 340 Questions
  • 13 Videos 

Become the trader you are 

Confidence in trading specific areas is a major problem for many traders who have taken piece meal education. Taking this course allows you to see exactly HOW & WHY markets move. 


 Develop a superior confidence in understanding how and why markets move. Bring your trading confidence to the next level

Tim Duggan- Senior Trader

Oil & Gas trading specialist. Trading for 20  years across Commodities, Equities, FX, Bonds & Crypto 
Tim has traded at several marquee propritary trading firms. Geneva Trading based in Chicago, Amplify Trading London, SMB Capital in New York.
Tims broad background is in leadership, technology investment, strategy and development of high availability, high redundancy web, blockchain and mobile software. Trading capital markets futures in Commodities, Bond, Equities, FX, Metals.
Industry experience includes Upstream energy, Fintech, Telecoms, Higher education, Sports, Mobile software and Data security utilising blockchain.

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