Scalper Pro

  • Author: Tim Duggan
  • Level: Intermediate -Advanced
  • 7 Hours of Content
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Course overview
The Ultimate Scalper Training Course!

Discover how to leverage the ladder for precision entries and scalping in conjunction with time & sales.

Learn the techniques used by scalpers to accurately interpret the markets and execute perfectly timed entries.

This course can be used with all markets.

  • 7 Hrs of Content
  • 1 Set of Questions

What's included?

  • 3 Chapters
  • 6 Key Scalping Concepts
  • 1 Chapter on Strategy
  • 25 Videos

Learn Precision Scalping

Acquire the most significant trading skill from an expert in futures trading.
-You will be guided through how to read the ladder, time & sales. 

Build Your Trading Career

Benefit from Tim's two decades of expertise in trading futures markets within some of the most prominent proprietary firms globally.

Tim Duggan

Head of Trading
Tim Duggan has been trading equities and futures for over 20 years. He started out trading tech stocks post-dotcom bubble, then moved on to trading oil futures. Tim's career has taken him from Geneva Trading (a Chicago-based proprietary firm) to Genesis Capital and on to Amplify Trading in London. Tim has an extensive background within the technology and energy space. 
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